Easystand Bantam 2-in-1 Stander


US Brand   [97240004]

Patented “sit and stand” technology, operated with oil hydraulic actuators, allows user to stand. Various models, accessories and color available for option. Mobile model available, for those who are able to drive their own wheels. Suitable for children, elderly, and people affected by spinal injuries or paralysis. Facilitate a natural symmetrical standing posture. Develop and improve body balance and strength. Improve range of motion in spine, hips, knees and ankles. Decrease abnormal muscle tone and reflexes (spasms, contractures). Reduce pressure issues through changing positions. Improve systemic functions (bladder, digestive, respiratory and circulatory). Lessen progressive scoliosis and assist with skeletal development. Stabilize and prevent loss of bone density. Alleviate pain caused by prolonged and/or inappropriate position.